Islander Sewing Systems What and Why?

Teaching Methods:

I am a Certified Islander Sewing Systems Instructor.

“What is Islander Sewing Systems?”, you ask.

It is a system of sewing techniques created by Margaret Islander that adopts factory methods for home sewists…”no pinning, no basting, no kidding!”

From this method you will greatly improve your sewing outcomes.

I can teach you to sew or help you improve your sewing out-comes. In the full course 8 classroom hours, you will learn all the methods incorporated to make a men’s dress shirt. Imagine how your sewing will improve. Anyone can learn. This class with put beginning sewists on the right path to success and greatly improve the techniques employed by seasoned sewists. It did for me.

When seam joining two identically cut pieces,mthe start and finish ends meet without ripples and over/underlap. This is not so in most home sewing techniques.

The Islander techniques will give a beginner a firm foundation for positive sewing results.

An experienced sewist will benefit even more, because they will experience the solutions to seemingly unsolvable sewing problems.